FAQ: Eligibility Criteria for USICD's Internship Program

FAQ: Eligibility Criteria for USICD's Internship Program

FAQ: Eligibility Criteria

Q. What types of disabilities would make me eligible to participate in USICD's internship program?

A. We hope to select a diverse group of interns with different types of disabilities. We strive to be inclusive of people with a broad range of disabilities, whether physical, sensory, developmental, learning, or psychosocial disabilities, chronic health conditions, etc. If you identify as a person with a disability (or more than one disability) then please apply.

Q. I will be a freshman or a sophomore in the fall 2017 semester. Am I eligible for the Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs internship program?

A. Not this year.  Applicants need to complete their sophomore year by May 2017 or earlier in order to be eligible for the internship program.  We are looking for graduate students, recent graduates, and rising juniors or seniors in college/university. In the meantime, you may want to sign up for the USICD newsletter and/or the youth in development mailing list at the home page of our website (http://www.usicd.org), to ensure that you will receive future announcements related to the internship program or similar opportunities.  Or contact us at internships@usicd.org to ask us to add you to the youth in development mailing list.

Q. I am an undergraduate student.  I will be a junior or a senior in the fall 2017 semester.  Am I eligible for USICD's internship program?

A. Yes, we welcome applications from undergraduate students provided that you will have completed your sophomore year by the time this year’s summer internship program begins.  You need to be a junior or a senior by the time you begin classes again after USICD's internship program is over.  Although many host organizations prefer graduate students or recent graduates, sometimes host organizations are open to taking on highly competent undergraduate students.

Q. I am a graduate student.  Am I eligible?

A. Yes, please! We welcome applications from graduate students! In fact, some of our host organizations prefer graduate students or recent graduates.

Q. I'm a law student, OR, I just completed a law degree. Am I eligible?

A. Yes, please! We sometimes have a host organization who wants an intern with some legal training. Some only want someone who is still enrolled as a law student, but others are comfortable hosting a recent graduate with a law degree.

Q. I am a recent graduate.  Am I eligible?

A.  For the summer 2017 program, you may qualify as a "recent graduate" if you graduated (or will graduate) sometime between spring 2016 and spring 2017 with a bachelor's or master's or doctorate degree or a law degree.  Many of our host organizations are happy to take on recent graduates.

Q. I am 29 years old.  Am I eligible?

A. Provided that you also meet the other eligibility criteria--Yes, you are.  We accept applications for the summer 2017 progam from youth born on or after May 28, 1987.

Q. I am 34 years old, and I am a U.S. veteran.  Am I eligible?

A. If you also meet the other eligibility criteria--yes, you are.  We accept applications for the summer 2017 program from young U.S. veterans born on or after May 28, 1982.

Q. I am 34 years old, but I am NOT a U.S. veteran.  Am I eligible?

A. Aside from U.S. veterans, we only allow a few limited exceptions to our usual age limit.  If you are born on or after May 28, 1982, then USICD may consider granting an exception to the 30-year age limit in extraordinary circumstances on a case by case basis.  If you feel that you have had extraordinary circumstances that caused significant and unusual disruption to your education, training, or early career, please contact Andrea Shettle at internships@usicd.org to explain your circumstances as soon as feasible before applying.  USICD staff will discuss your circumstances internally and grant a decision within 15 business days (three weeks) on whether you may be eligible to apply under this exception.  Being granted permission to apply does not guarantee that you will be selected to enter the program.   

FOR EXAMPLE, if you are a war refugee whose education was disrupted by the war in your country, then this might qualify you for an exception to the age limit provided that you still meet the other eligibility criteria. We also often grant deadline extensions for people who became disabled during adulthood, particularly if this caused disruption or delays to your education or career.
Q. I am 36 years old.  I do meet your other eligibility criteria.  Am I eligible?
A. Usually not. But please contact internships@usicd.org to discuss your individual situation.

Q. I am a US immigrant—I wasn’t born in the US.  But I am now a US citizen.  Can I apply?

A. Yes. This program is open to US citizens regardless of your nation of origin.

Q. I am not a US citizen, but I have a green card.  Can I apply?

A. Sorry, but applicants for the internship program really do need to be US citizens.  You may wish to monitor the “Opportunities” page at our website for announcements about various types of opportunities being offered by various organizations to see if something else might suit your needs.

Q. I am not a U.S. citizen--yet.  But I will be soon!  Can I apply?

A. Please contact us at internships@usicd.org to discuss your individual situation.

Q. What kind of academic degree do I need to have, or be working toward?   

A. The fields of international development and foreign affairs can encompass a wide range of occupations and specializations.  The work of improving the living conditions of people in developing countries or engaging U.S. foreign policy are hugely complex and requires the involvement of people across many disciplines. 

Although some academic degrees may be better suited for these fields than others, there are many degrees that can appropriately prepare you for a future career in the field, or for a place in the Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs program.  We expect that the best candidates will have researched the field well, thought carefully about how your innate skills and interest fit into this field, and developed a concrete but flexible vision of what kind of career you want in this field.  If this is you, then you may have already chosen a major that will prepare you well for your future career.  If your chosen major or degree is consistent with your long-term career goals, this will strengthen your application for USICD's internship program.

Some examples of majors and minors that were represented among interns in the summers of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 are listed below. You will notice more majors were represented than there were interns.  Some interns had one major at the undergraduate level and another at the graduate level, and some were double majors, or both.  Meanwhile, some majors, like international development, international relations, or international studies, are more common among our past interns than others.

Graduate-level degree programs

  • Masters of Public Policy with concentration in International and Global Affairs
  • Masters of Arts in Sustainable Development: International Policy and Management
  • Human Development and Leadership with a concentration area in International Education Administration
  • International Development
  • J.D. (Law student or recent law degree)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Government and Politics in International Relations
  • Global Studies and International Relations
  • International Public Service
  • Political Economy

Undergraduate level degree programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  • Undergraduate certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies with a concentration in Civil Rights and Diversity
  • Nursing
  • Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentration in Latin American Studies
  • Organizational Communication
  • Journalism
  • Journalism with advertising emphasis
  • Public Administration, Law and Society
  • International Relations
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • International Relations, Politics and Rhetoric
  • International Studies
  • International Studies and Political Science
  • Political Science
  • Political Science with a concentration in international studies
  • Economics
  • English and Philosophy
  • Genetics, cell biology and development
  • Mathematics and Spanish
  • History
  • Psychology
  • International Government
  • Politics
  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Undergraduate Minors

  • Minor in Portuguese
  • Minor in Spanish
  • Minor in French
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Minor in Economics
  • Minor in Political Science
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Minor in Justice & Peace Studies

There are other majors or minors not listed here that also could be appropriate preparation for internships in USICD's internship program or for future careers in international development or international affairs.  Just a few of the possible examples could include the following: human rights, agriculture and/or rural development, international law, international policy, public health, urban planning, media and public communications, foreign languages, studies focused on a particular country or region, international social work, and others.  Some form of international emphasis in your degree program is helpful and should be highlighted if pertinent. But this is not strictly required.