2010 Annual Meeting

USICD members, disability rights advocates, and other constituents gathered in Washington, DC for USICD's Annual Meeting on April 26, 2010. 

A series of presenters informed participants about exciting advancements in the disability advocacy movement.  Cliff Missen and Andrea Shettle shared the technology behind the Global Disability Rights Library and the latest progress with the project.  Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to President Obama, provided remarks underscoring the White House's continued committment to the rights of persons with disabilities.  Steven Estey, Human Rights Officer for Disabled Peoples' International, spoke about the process of ratiftying the CRPD in Canada.  Venus Ilagan, Secretary-General of Rehabilitation International, updated the USICD membership about RI activities. 

In their annual meeting on April 26, 2010, the membership of USICD elected the 2010-11 Board of Directors, including two new directors: Maria Veronica Reina and Ann Cody.

To learn more about USICD's accomplishments in 2009-10, download the 2010 Annual Report.  

Click here to dowload the 2010 Annual Meeting Agenda.

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Global Disability Rights Library Presentation

Cliff Missen, Director of the WiderNet Project at the University of Iowa, displays an eGranary unit--a key technology that will make it possible to disseminate the Global Disability Rights Library to people in developing countries who don't have Internet access.  This hard drive, the size of a paperback book, can hold literally millions of documents.


Andrea Shettle presents on the Global Disability Rights Library

Andrea Shettle presents on the International Advisory Board for the Global Disability Rights Library.  IAB members will be critical in sharing insights about the information and knowledge needs of people with disabilities in developing countries.


Voting for Board of Directors

USICD members brandish pink tickets to signify their vote for the 2010-2013 Board of Directors.


Open discussion forum - Gabriel Soje 

USICD member Gabriel Soje asks a question about the CRPD ratification process and its implications for the disability advocacy movement.


Anne Cody

 USICD Board Member Anne Cody shares during the open discussion.


Presentation by Venus Ilagan

 Venus Illagan, Secretary General of Rehabilitation International, presents on RI activities.


Kareem Dale, Marca Bristo, & David Morrissey discuss CRPD Ratification

Kareem Dale at far left, Special Assistant to President Obama, affirmed the President's commitment to disability rights.  Dale is accompanied by USICD Board Chair Marca Bristo, middle, and USICD Executive Director David Morrissey.



 USICD members network with each other in between presentations.


Steven Estey

Steven Estey from Disabled Peoples' International discusses events and efforts leading to the recent successful ratification of the CRPD in Canada.


Kathy Guernsey & David Morrissey

USICD staff members Kathy Guernsey and David Morrissey facilitate the 2010 Annual Meeting.