Materials for Advocates

Advocacy Toolkit: All the materials you need to support the CRPD!



USICD has created an advocacy toolkit with information about Senator outreach, key messages, and myths/facts about the treaty .  Advocates can also stay connected with USICD's CRPD advocacy efforts through our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog pages.

Contact your Senator: Visit the Senate website to find your Senators’ information or use this handy sheet which includes phone, Twitter, and Facebook information.

2015 USICD Letters:

NEW Community Webinar on CRPD

Video Clips:

CRPD One Pager

CRPD Myths/Facts

CRPD Media Response (View more media coverage of CRPD HERE!)

Disability Community Supporters List (Add your organization or view more supporters HERE!)

Veteran Community Supporters List

CRPD Business Support Fact Sheet

Disability Treaty Action Handout

Deaf Community Support

How to Meet Your Senator

CRPD Treaty Package Delivered to Senate (includes full analysis of how U.S. laws comply with the treaty)

CRPD Video Links


A square poster with photos of people with disabilities, members of the human rights community in a grid format.  Background is a photo of the earth and outerspace.
Click Here to Download a copy of USICD's
CRPD Principles poster! (PDF)

UN Enable

UN Enable is the official site for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Materials on this site include the Convention, updated information on ratification and signatures, and news from the Committee on Persons with Disabilities.

UN Enable Official Site
Source: UN Enable

CRPD Handbook
Source: UN Enable

Easy Read Version of the CRPD
Source: UN Enable

External Toolkits

In addition to USICD’s materials, other organizations have compiled helpful toolkits to guide your advocacy of the Convention and help promote its principles in your own community.

General Disability Rights Toolkit
Source: Handicap International

CRPD Teaching Kit
Source: Handicap International

DPI Ratification and Implementation Toolkits
Source: Disabled Peoples’ International

A Guide to the UN Disability Convention
Source: Equality and Human Rights Commission - Britain

A Community for All: Implementing Article 19
Source: Open Society

CRPD Toolkit for Children
Source: UNICEF

Other Resources

Other resources include reports on CRPD and development, how the CRPD addresses children’s issues, and additional materials to guide your understanding of the Convention.

UNCRPD: a call for action on poverty, discrimination and lack of access
Source: Leonard Cheshire Disability & UN Economic Commission for Africa

Guide to Promoting Children’s Rights Using the CRPD
Source: Save the Children

Human Rights. Yes - Human Rights and Disability Manual (Multiple Contributors)
Source: University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center

International Sign Language Discussion of the Importance of the CRPD to People who are Deaf
Source: - Broadcasting in Sign Language

Report on Inclusive Development and the CRPD
Source: International Disability and Development Consortium

Video on CRPD for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Source: Board Resource Center