Zambia Deaf Youth and Women (ZDYW), Kitwe, Zambia

July 18, 2013
Source: Zambia Deaf Youth and Women

  • ZDYW, a GDRL deployment site, has provided CRPD awareness training to deaf youth and deaf women in the Copperbelt district of Zambia.  ZDYW has petitioned the Zambian president to ratify the CRPD.
  • As part of its efforts to educate the public about Zambian Sign Language, ZDYW has started to develop a DVD to help deaf students and members of the general public learn the language.
  •  Subsequent to receiving an off-line copy of the digital Global Disability Rights Library collection via USICD and WiderNet’s GDRL project, ZDYW was able to purchase 15 computers with support from the Abilis Foundation and UNICEF.  During their first year with the GDRL, despite having only one computer available, ZDYW was one of the more active deployment sites in the GDRL program.  With their recent purchase, ZDYW is now able to enable more users than ever to access the GDRL.
  • With support from Beit Trust, ZDYW is now constructing a Deaf Center of Excellence which will house the organization’s programs and activities.

Several boys sit at cubbys using computers alon three walls of a small room



ZDYW’s new computer center allows more users to access the electronic Global Disability Rights Library and also enables ZDYW to provide more ICT training to deaf people.


 a group of yound men stand in front of a cinderblock building under a sign that says Deaf Village Hub

a sign that says internet cafe, e-granary library, and ICT services


A sign outside of ZDYW’s center advertises not only their internet café and ICT services, but also their eGranary Digital Library, which contains the full GDRL collection.