USAID Notices December 3, 2011, International Day of Persons With Disabilities

December 6, 2011


December 3, 2011, International Day of Persons With Disabilities


Across the world, nearly one billion people-one-seventh of the global population-live with disabilities. Many of them live in developing countries, where they struggle with exclusion, discrimination and marginalization.

Persons with disabilities are more likely to be poor and unemployed, and they have higher rates of mortality than average. Today, we reflect on the daily challenges of their lives and uphold the critical role international cooperation plays in their inclusion and empowerment.

As an Agency, we are dedicated to supporting inclusive projects across our development initiatives, with a special focus on expanding access to critical services for women and children with disabilities. And we are funding over 60 global disability rights libraries in countries around the world, from Peru to Ethiopia to India. These off-line, digital collections provide access to over 2 million resources on disability rights, human rights, and advocacy.

In Colombia, we're working with a local NGO to develop six sports associations for persons with disabilities. And in Macedonia, we're partnering with Open the Window, a local NGO, to provide adaptive technology for children with disabilities in primary schools.

As we mark this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we should recommit ourselves to working with governments, community organizations, and persons with disabilities to advance inclusive, meaningful development.


Rajiv Shah


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