Japan Relief Headquarters for Persons with Disabilities Petition for Support and Accommodation Following Earthquake

March 17, 2011

Mr. Naoto Kan, the Prime Minister of Japan
Mr. Ritsuo Hosokawa, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Mr. Yukio Edano, the Chief Cabinet Secretary
Ms. Renho, the Minister of State

Eiichi Ogawa
President of Japan Disability Forum (JDF)



Japan Disability Forum appreciates your great efforts to promote disability policies.

This time, many persons with disabilities are also affected by the earthquake hitting Tohoku region.

Through our experiences of past earthquakes, we learn persons with disabilities in affected areas faced a lot of difficulties.  Now, they need special and urgent supports and accommodations.

In this regard, JDF would like to request the followings urgently:

1. Please immediately check the facts on persons with disabilities in affected areas through local governments and disabled people's organizations in community.

2. For all the broadcasting industries and other medias including private ones, please ensure the informational accessibility (sign language, captioning, giving explanations etc.) of emergency announcement, information on evacuation and press conferences.  Please provide information that is easy to understand.

3. Please secure electric source for respirators and artificial dialysis equipments.  Please secure necessary medical treatment as well as medicines, catheter, ostomy appliances, oxygen bottles and other appliances/devices.

4. At the shelters, please ensure the following accommodations:

  • Physical accessibility for persons with physical disabilities (including ramps and wheelchair-accessible bathroom)
  • Informational accessibility for persons with sensory disabilities (including sign language, captioning and audio information)
  • Information that is easy to understand for persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Support to secure medical treatment, medicines and appliances/devices.
  • And provision of necessary accommodations including space to take rest for those who need it including persons with psychiatric disabilities, developmental disabilities and chronic diseases.
  • In addition, please bring materials and provide supports to welfare centers and other private shelters which are used for shelters for persons with disabilities.

5. Please secure the personal assistants to support persons with disabilities (including those who evacuate outside the affected areas).  And please provide accommodations to persons with disabilities including vehicles, fuels and securing other necessary facilities in order to ensure the mobility and life of persons with disabilities.

6. In the recovery process, please provide special supports, including allocation of supplementary budget, in order to rehabilitate institutions for persons with disabilities, sheltered workshops and housings.  And please secure the housing for persons with disabilities including the provision of public housings.

  • Japan Disability Forum (JDF)
  • Federation of Organizations of the Disabled Persons
  • Japan Federation of the Blind
  • Japanese Federation of the Deaf
  • Japan Council on Disability
  • Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples' International
  • Inclusion Japan
  • Spinal Injuries Japan
  • National Federation of Mental Health and Welfare Party in Japan
  • Japan National Council on Social Welfare
  • Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
  • Japan National Group of Mentally Disabled People
  • Japan Deafblind Association
  • All Japan Association of Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened People