GDRL: The First 6 Months

July 7, 2010

The initial six months of the GDRL project has been focused on establishing a foundation upon which the remaining project can be built.  The following bullets summarize our early progress.  It is anticipated that, with these initial pieces in place, the remaining labor will move forward quickly in the months and years to come.

  • An International Advisory Board (IAB) has been built to share feedback with the GDRL team.  The IAB has 10 members from Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Japan, Ireland, Peru, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.  In addition to representatives from developing and developed countries outside the U.S, the IAB also has nine ex-officio members drawn from the USICD Board of Directors and the faculty of the University of Iowa.  With one exception, the ex-officio members are from the United States.
  • The process of gathering information and materials for the library has begun.  Already several hundred websites and digital publications have been identified for inclusion, and GDRL staff is in negotiations to obtain pertinent permission from their authors and publishers for inclusion in the library.    
  • GDRL staff has developed a tentative structure that for the library’s contents that lists topics to be covered in the library and suggests how materials will be catalogued and organized.  GDRL staff is in communication with IAB advisors for their feedback on additional topic areas that would be valuable resources for disability advocates and policy makers in developing countries.  This feedback will be consolidated and, where feasible, incorporated into the library.
  • Members of the GDRL team, including among USICD staff, the University of Iowa’s WiderNet Project staff, and IAB advisors, have begun the process of identifying potential deployment sites for the library.  USICD staff is working closely with representatives from USAID to identify which USAID missions may be particularly supportive of the project.
  • The GDRL team has collaborated with staff at the World Health Organization to host WHO web sites and materials related to disability.
  • USICD will host a full-time international fellow from Uzbekistan for a one-year term starting in September, in partnership with Atlas Corps.  This individual comes to USICD with a background in international human and disability rights, and will contribute across the GDRL Project, including building the library’s holdings and helping to organize and catalogue new material.