How Do I Get Involved?

Seven Ways You Can Be Part of the GDRL

First, thank you!  Your involvement with the Global Disability Rights Library project will help us disseminate disability rights knowledge to advocates, policy makers, and disability rights organizations in developing countries. 

Some of these ideas will only take a moment of your time.  Others are more ambitious.  Some suggestions are for individuals, others are for organizations.  But the most important part is your involvement.  We cannot build this library without the support of individual advocates and organizations. 

1. Recommend content for the library! 

Read more detail about the content we want or just send an email to with your suggestions.

2. Donate your own content! 

We need your official permission in our records before we can use your content.  See our page on Frequently Asked Questions for Content Donors for details. 

3. Publicize the GDRL Project!

4. Write a letter of endorsement! 

Your public support can help inspire other organizations to donate their content to the library or otherwise involve themselves with the project.  Read other endorsement letters.

5. Recommend potential deployment sites.

6. Apply for an internship or volunteer to help us build the library

  • Our ability to accomodate new interns or volunteers at any given time depends on our project needs, and a capacity to manage voluteers. 
  • Examples of projects for past interns and volunteers include:
    • Cataloguing library content
    • Helping to raise the visibility of the GDRL by communicating to potential partner organizations, developing publicity materials, etc. 
  • If you are interested in the possibility of working with us, keep an eye out for announcements on the USICD Opportunities page, and the USICD newsletter.

7. Give us Feedback on the GDRL prototype!

USICD and WiderNet have launched the prototype version of the GDRL and its companion portals at  Take some time to explore the portal, and email us with your feedback! 

  • How can we organize content better? 
  • What content are we missing?
  • Do you have something to add?


The GDRL project is working to deliver the knowledge that dynamic disability rights leaders in developing countries need to transform society.  But we can’t do it alone—we need you!

Email if you want to get involved!