New Earthquake Strikes Japan on April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011

CNN News has reported that a new earthquake of 7.4 magnitude struck northeast Japan on April 7, 2011.  This earthquake has triggered a tsunami warning for the Miyagi prefecture of Japan. 

At present, it is still too early to know how this new incident has, or will, affect people with disabilities in Japan.  What we do know is that the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear plant breakdown has led to people with disabilities being both disproportionately impacted by these disasters and also disproportionately left behind by mainstream relief efforts that do not adequately meet their needs.

USICD staff member Andrea Shettle will continue to monitor the situation in Japan and will post additional news at the Humanitarian Response page at the USICD site as it emerges.

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