USICD Welcomes New Board Members

May 7, 2010

In their annual meeting on April 26, 2010, the membership of USICD elected the 2010-11 Board of Directors, including three new directors: Maria Veronica Reina, Ann Cody, and Patricia Morrissey.

Maria Veronica Reina is Executive Director of the Global Partnership on Disability and Development (GPDD).  GPDD is a global initiative to strengthen international cooperation to integrate disability issues into mainstream social and economic development efforts.  Originally from Argentina, she worked as an educational psychologist for many years before moving to the United States.  Prior to becoming executive director of the GPDD, Ms. Reina was president of the Center for International Rehabilitation.  This organization works to develop technologies to maximize the potential of people with disabilities worldwide.  Ms. Reina participated in negotiations for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and has worked to disseminate the Spanish language version of the CRPD throughout Latin America. 

Ann Cody is Director of Partnerships and Public Policy with BlazeSports America.  Widely considered a world-class athlete in her own right, she is a leading international advocate for the involvement of women and girls with disabilities in sports.  Ms. Cody has particularly emphasized the involvement of women with disabilities from outside the US who are living in poverty.  She has successfully advocated with the International Paralympic Committee to establish a policy on gender equity and to launch the Women in Paralympic Sport Network.  She also has helped influence US federal legislation to fund research on the impact of adapted sports on employment and education outcomes for people with disabilities.

Patricia Morrissey is a consultant for the International Labor Organization and her current work includes drafting a Guide on the Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in General Postsecondary Vocational Training Programs (working title, in review). Before joining ILO she served as a member of the U.S. Delegation to a United Nations Committee that drafted the CRPD. Other notable positions include an appointment as the Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) from August 2001 till January 2009. Prior to that Morrissey was a senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton where she provided consulting services to federal agencies. She has spent one third of her career in leadership positions in the House of Representatives and Senate Committees drafting disability legislation. She has written four books and assisted in the production of six training videos on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and in June of 2004 she was the keynote speaker on special education at an international conference in Beijing.