US-Ireland Independent Living Peer Project; 10th Annual Disability Law and Policy Summer School

Wednesday, June 13, 2018- Monday, June 25, 2018

U.S. Oregon & Ireland Independent Living Movement Peer Project

Event Information:
Tony Ellis, Oregon’s State Independent Living Council Chair, and W. Kirt Toombs, chief executive officer for Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living, invites Independent Living advocates to join them from June 18 - 23rd for an United States & Ireland Independent Living Peer Project.

This is an opportunity to participate in the 10th Annual Disability Law and Policy Summer school at University of Ireland Galway Centre for Disability Law and Policy Institute for Lifecourse and Society and to network with our Ireland peers for the purposes of collaboratively advancing IL movement in the U.S. and Ireland.

There’s nothing in business today that provides as much economic and social benefit, on as many levels, to as many stakeholders, as a strategic partnership between any combination of nonprofit, for profit, education and Government sectors when solely focused on the greater good. Nothing even comes close.

Tentative Itinerary:
Projected Dates : Monday June 13, 2018 – Friday June 25, 2018
  • June 13th Estimated U.S. Departure/Arrival in Dublin
  • June 14th-16th Self-Guided/Possible U.S. & Ireland IL Delegation Networking Event
  • June 17th Leave Dublin for Galway by rail A.M
  • June 17th Check-in at Corrib Village
  • June 18th - 22nd Disability Law Summer School will take place
  • June 22nd Early Return to Dublin by rail (Greater Dublin Center for Independent Living Annual Meeting-Self-Guided/Possible U.S. & Ireland IL Delegation Networking Event
  • June 23rd Self-Guided/Possible U.S. & Ireland IL Delegation Networking Event
  • June 25th - Back home
(Itinerary subject to change)
Estimated Cost:
*Delegation members are responsible for making travel arrangements and cost associated with airfare, lodging, and registration fees. Total estimated cost may vary from $1,000 - $2,500. Disability Law Summer School - University Registration is $433.19 USD

10th Annual Disability Law and Policy Summer school at University of Ireland Galway Centre for Disability Law and Policy Institute for Lifecourse and Society
*No Prior legal training or knowledge is necessary to participate in the Summer School.
Contact for Further Information
Contact: Tim Williams at or 541-889-3119 ext.105 for more info.
Suggested Airlines:
WOW Airlines (Offers layover in Iceland)
British Airways $904-$1,786 (Compare rates) (Compare rates)
Ground Transportation:
Rail from Dublin to Galway $140 round trip
Greater Dublin Independent Living Freedom Wheels (Accessible Van Rental)
Housing/Lodging: Lodging- Reflects 4-5 day stay:
Dublin Muscular Dystrophy Ireland Home from Home ( ) (EOCIL has
reserved four accessible apartments-Contact Tim to reserve your apartment)
Generator Hostel Dublin ($153.00 and up)
-Variety of hotels ($158.00 and up)
hotels (Galway) $101 and up
Other Information:
  • Climate - Ireland has a mild climate with the warmest months being July and August
  • Currency - The currency of Ireland is the Euro, which is made up of 100 cents
  • Language - There are two official languages in Ireland: Irish, which is the national language, and English which is the language of the majority of the population
  • No Smoking - Smoking is now forbidden in enclosed places of work. This includes office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, restaurants
  • Time Zone - Ireland is on GMT
  • Tipping - Most hotels and restaurants include a service charge of 10-15% to your bill. A small tip is appreciated for good service. Tipping is not usual in pubs. Taxis are tipped 10%
  • VAT Refunds - Value Added Tax (VAT) is usually included in the price of goods and services in Ireland. Visitors to Ireland from outside the EU can obtain a refund of VAT (save all receipts)